A miniature for every week of 2022

I really do enjoy painting miniatures, be it for Warhammer, DnD or just for personalised gifts. It also ties nicely into my other interests of DIY and 3D printing and more or less naturally ties into it. However, I make the time for it way too seldomly. To explore this interest further, I plan to paint at least one miniature every week of 2022. This could help cut down on the big shelf of unfinished miniatures that are hidden away in my many drawers as well.

2022, week 1

This week I painted one the Black Templar Scouts I 3D printed last year. The model is a digital kitbash using the legs of the Cyber Forge Fury Fire Team from TitanForge Miniatures which I’m a big fan of. A lot of the other parts are sourced either from TheMakersCult or from Thingiverse, Cults3D etc. The Space Marine Scouts from GW are quite old sculpts and frankly just look goofy. Also, I find it fundamentally weird to give the new initiates basically no armor or helmts, just for the sake of it. Therefore, my scouts will look a lot like the classical Tactical Marines while my actual Marines will be more jazzed up and significantly larger. Sooner or later, there will be a painted one further down here. For the painting style I wanted to go for a more “dirty” look, as if they’d been in the field for weeks without a proper deep clean, roughly following this tutorial.

2022, week 1

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