Culinary Roulette

More often than not, I found myself thinking about what exactly to cook for more time than I should, so I came up with this “Culinary Roulette.” The tool serves up a week’s worth of meal themes. From “Meatless Mondays” to “Fish Fridays”, each theme sparks inspiration for dishes that might have been off my … Read more

Webscraping for dates of birth and death of female scientists

Content: Motivation Idea Implementation Conclusion Next steps Additional information Motivation A friend of mine is a member of the organisation “500 Women Scientists” which advocates for equality and openness in science. As a member of the local Pod of Heidelberg, she is responsible for the Pods Social Media activity. To have some easy content to … Read more

Automatically create Trello cards through Python webscraping

Content: Motivation Idea Basic implementation Optimization and automation Identifying the target list within my Trello account Scrape data from different sources and convert it to Trello cards Plugging it all together Conclusion Next steps Additional information Motivation As part of my M.Sc. studies, I have to attend 45 talks given by professionals in my field. … Read more