Random weird magic weapons

Refresh page to get another 10 weapons with a 9 % chance for them to have one slightly magic effect and 1 % to have two.

Name Class Description Type Price
WhipWeapon (Whip)NONENon-magic2 GP
HarpoonWeapon (Javelin)NONENon-magic5 SP
JavelinWeapon (Javelin)NONENon-magic5 SP
SteelWeapon (Scimitar)NONENon-magic25 GP
Imaginary GlaiveWeapon (Glaive), uncommon (requires attunement)Once attuned, this weapon exists only in the bearer’s imagination until held with intent to do harm. It becomes imaginary again after a short rest.Slightly magic21.8 GP
SwordWeapon (Longsword)NONENon-magic15 GP
BrandWeapon (Longsword)NONENon-magic15 GP
EdgeWeapon (Dagger)NONENon-magic2 GP
ShaftWeapon (Quarterstaff)NONENon-magic2 SP
StaffWeapon (Quarterstaff)NONENon-magic2 SP