Fixing my broken Antlion USB ModMic

Using Christmas 2020 as an opportunity to imporve my home office setup, I got myself a nice dedicated Antlion USB ModMic. Knowing that Bluetooth microphones sometimes are a bit troublesome under Ubuntu, I got the wired version. A wire which I accidentally rolled over with my office chair, ripping the microphone itself out of the integrated mute button.

Since I really liked the mic (and didn’t want to buy a new one) I of course tried to fix it. Prying open the mute button case was fairly easy with a knife. I’m only documenting this as an afterthought so I didn’t take better pictures. But basically, 3 wires (VCC, GND, Signal) go from the mic to the button from which on a fourth (The mute state?) go into the PC. Vaguely remembering that it apparently is good practise to have the GND and VCC pads on separate sides of the PCB, I just guessed the correct pads and soldered things back into place.

Since I couldn’t find the circuit diagram for the mute button PCB anywhere, I thought I’d document the correct pads here. After verifying that it works, I just fiddled everything into the case again and pressed it shut. That was fairly easy. Yey!

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