Gunnheim: Harry Potter meets Mordheim


Gunnheim Academy, an elite gunnery school located on the outskirts of the war-torn city of Mordheim in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. This once prestigious institution trains young cadets in the art of artillery, siege warfare, and advanced military tactics.


Dark and gritty, with an undercurrent of mystery and danger, akin to the atmosphere of Mordheim.


The campaign should roughly span six months, with players alternating between attending lessons, participating in drills, and embarking on perilous adventures. As they delve deeper into their studies, they uncover a sinister plot threatening the academy and the city of Mordheim.


Still in search of a suitable rule system. I want a system that is both fairly easy, like DnD, but in which blackpowder weapons have their place. The players shouldn’t be demi-gods from the start. Maybe Shadow of the Demon Lord, but with a slightly more whimsical harry-potter-esque highschool-drama aspect to it?

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