treasure chest next to a gnome

Treasure chests

My speedpainting recipe for treasure chest for DnD, Frostgrave and the like.

close-up of asphalt base

Asphalt bases

How I batch-prepare asphalt bases for my Warhammer 40K minis.

Dungeons & Dragons

Card image cap

Rules for Learning and Teaching during Downtime

May players wanted a more sophisticated method for learning and teaching skills in DnD 5e, so I homebrewed one.

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A more advanced poison mechanic

Since the RAW mechanic seemed a little under-detaield, I homebrewed a slightly more detailed poison mechanic.

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Using real plants to generate NPC names

Inspired by a meme on reddit, I wrote a quick name generator based on botanical names.

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Randomised minor magic weapons

Inspired by a reddit post I wrote a minor magic weapon generator for a tavern in which my players could gamble on them.


The homebrew rules I currently use

A collection of DnD 5e homebrew rules I have accumulated over time, mostly while browsing reddit.

A townsquare with shops in a fantasy city

Quickly generate non-magical shop offerings

A tool to quickly generate a list of items for sale in a given shop, adjusted for the location and price level.


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DataViz blogpost collection

Here I’ll be collecting blogposts I stumble upon to reference for creating better visualisations and to share with friends.