Random weird magic weapons

Refresh page to get another 10 weapons with a 9 % chance for them to have one slightly magic effect and 1 % to have two.

Name Class Description Type Price
FanWeapon (Club)NONENon-magic1 SP
EdgeWeapon (Shortsword)NONENon-magic10 GP
EdgeWeapon (Rapier)NONENon-magic25 GP
NaginataWeapon (Glaive)NONENon-magic20 GP
MaceWeapon (Mace)NONENon-magic5 GP
PoleaxeWeapon (Halberd)NONENon-magic20 GP
NunchakuWeapon (Club)NONENon-magic1 SP
HammerWeapon (Warhammer)NONENon-magic15 GP
WakizashiWeapon (Shortsword)NONENon-magic10 GP
KatanaWeapon (Longsword)NONENon-magic15 GP

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