Speedpainting treasure tokens for Frostgrave

Size comparison of a chest to a 25 mm base

Recently, I’ve been getting into Frostgrave, a skirmish wargame by Joseph A. McCullough. In it, two warbands, each led by a DnD-like wizard, venture through the frozen city of Felstad trying to loot the thawing treasures before others do it. Since I really loved the game so far, I decided to commit a little bit … Read more

Random DnD names based on plants

Refresh page to get another 10 names. Latin English German Listera ovata (L.) R. Br. Twayblade Wald Zweiblatt Galium uliginosum L. Fen Bedstraw Moor Labkraut Pinus sibirica Mayr Siberian Stone Pine Cerinthe alpina Kit. Honeywort Alpen Wachsblume Ranunculus sceleratus L. Celery-leaved Crowfoot Gift Hahnenfuss Coronopus procumbens Gilib. Swine-cress Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC. Perennial Wall Rocket … Read more


How to extract Each poison has a certain DC that decides whether it works or not. To extract a poison, the character has to have a Poisoner’s kit and spend a number of minutes equal to the poison’s DC uninterruptedly extracting it. The character has to pass a Nature check against the poison’s DC to … Read more

Learning and Teaching

This article describes my homebrew system for learning and teaching skills (weapons/tools/etc) or languages (including Druidic and Thief’s cant). I assume that the player has a source of knowledge, either another being that is proficient in that skill or a scripture containing the relevant knowledge. Since I don’t like the system from XGtE (p. 134), … Read more