Asphalt Bases for Wargaming

Close-up of one of the bases

Inspired by EonsOfBattle’s Highway Base Video I set out to make my own for my Black Templar Killteam. I had 3 mm thick cork laying around from a different project and figured it’d be perfect for this. Rank and file troops would get a single layer of cork, HQ units and walkers two or more … Read more

Making a knife sheath with embedded magnets

Motivation and Plan Recently, my best friend married his long-term girlfriend and now wife. So of course, I wanted to gift them something that would remind them of the occasion for a long time. Being a foodie myself and knowing they also enjoy cooking (if time permits), the decision fell onto an engraved cutting board … Read more

Webscraping for dates of birth and death of female scientists

Content: Motivation Idea Implementation Conclusion Next steps Additional information Motivation A friend of mine is a member of the organisation “500 Women Scientists” which advocates for equality and openness in science. As a member of the local Pod of Heidelberg, she is responsible for the Pods Social Media activity. To have some easy content to … Read more

Random weird magic weapons

Refresh page to get another 10 weapons with a 9 % chance for them to have one slightly magic effect and 1 % to have two. Name Class Description Type Price Arcane Estoc Weapon (Greatsword), uncommon (requires attunement) This weapon can project a spectral tome suspended in mid-air that the bearer can interact with like … Read more

Random DnD names based on plants

Refresh page to get another 10 names. Latin English German Alkanna tinctoria (L) Tausch Dyer`s Alkanet Ecbalium elaterium Rich. Squirting-cucumber Springgurke Buglossoides (Lithospermum) arvense (L.) J. M. Johnston Field Gromwell Filipendula vulgaris Moench Dropwort Knolliges Mädesüss Callistephus chinensis Nees Common China-aster Sommeraster Crypsis schoenoides (L.) Lam. Crypsis Kopf Sumpfgras Daphne mezereum L. Mezereon Leucanthemum vulgare … Read more


How to extract Each poison has a certain DC that decides whether it works or not. To extract a poison, the character has to have a Poisoner’s kit and spend a number of minutes equal to the poison’s DC uninterruptedly extracting it. The character has to pass a Nature check against the poison’s DC to … Read more

Learning and Teaching

This article describes my homebrew system for learning and teaching skills (weapons/tools/etc) or languages (including Druidic and Thief’s cant). I assume that the player has a source of knowledge, either another being that is proficient in that skill or a scripture containing the relevant knowledge. Since I don’t like the system from XGtE (p. 134), … Read more

Bella Italia

An image of an PhD hat.

Tim2021-12-06 Table of contents The Microscope The Western Blot Chamber The Coffee Pot 3D printing Electronics Code One of the best things about doing a PhD in Germany (imho) is the tradition, that your research group makes some form of graduation hat for you. You are “awarded” this hat after your successful defense and can … Read more

Fixing my broken Antlion USB ModMic

Using Christmas 2020 as an opportunity to imporve my home office setup, I got myself a nice dedicated Antlion USB ModMic. Knowing that Bluetooth microphones sometimes are a bit troublesome under Ubuntu, I got the wired version. A wire which I accidentally rolled over with my office chair, ripping the microphone itself out of the … Read more