Gunnheim: Harry Potter meets Mordheim

Setting Gunnheim Academy, an elite gunnery school located on the outskirts of the war-torn city of Mordheim in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. This once prestigious institution trains young cadets in the art of artillery, siege warfare, and advanced military tactics. Tone Dark and gritty, with an undercurrent of mystery and danger, akin to the atmosphere … Read more

DnD shops

“But what can we buy in city XYZ?” is a fairly prominent question in most DnD games. Luckily, user u/jrobsharing created an awesome overview about what items could be available at what price. Here, I have basically just made it filterable. Enjoy! Blacksmith/ArmoryFletcher/BowyerLeatherworkerTemple/Faith SuppliesGeneral StoreTailor/TextilesJeweler/StonecutterPotion ShopArcane ShopAdventuring Supplies-> Water-side Theme-> Art and Games Theme-> Shady … Read more