Culinary Roulette

More often than not, I found myself thinking about what exactly to cook for more time than I should, so I came up with this “Culinary Roulette.” The tool serves up a week’s worth of meal themes. From “Meatless Mondays” to “Fish Fridays”, each theme sparks inspiration for dishes that might have been off my radar. Not feeling a particular theme? A swift click on the refresh icon (↻) next to each theme shuffles it for an alternative.

  • Focus on plant-based meals, omitting all meats for a wholesome dietary choice.

  • Sip on a variety of teas or use them in cooking to add unique flavors.

  • Embrace seasonal winter vegetables in roasts, stews, and warm salads.

  • Experiment with this fermented soy product in a variety of vegan dishes.

  • Enjoy the smoky flavor of foods roasted or grilled over open flames.

  • Enjoy refreshing slaws made from cabbages, carrots, and inventive dressings.

  • Blend fruits, veggies, and proteins for a rejuvenating start to your day.

I developed the Culinary Roulette to speed up my meal-planning and let spontaneity lead my kitchen endeavors. The themes were generated using ChatGPT4, using the following prompt:

I am trying to make meal planning easier by making “Theme-days” such as Meatless-Monday, Tofu-Thursday or Fish-Friday. Please give me 30 different suggestions with the word [day of the week]. Please make several of these themes healthy and vegan. Please add a one sentence description to each them.

I further intend to use ChatGPT to narrow down the actual recipe even more using for example the following prompt:

Give me three recipe ideas for the following prompt. Briefly describe the recipes in one sentence each. Please focus on healthy meals that can be made at home in a reasonable timeframe. Consider that I am allergic to dairy and eggs: [Theme]

I don’t trust ChatGPT with actual recipes, so from that point on I’ll then either improvise or look up an actual recipe. Here’s a quick example of what I’ve now planned for the rest of the week.

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