Making a knife sheath with embedded magnets

Motivation and Plan Recently, my best friend married his long-term girlfriend and now wife. So of course, I wanted to gift them something that would remind them of the occasion for a long time. Being a foodie myself and knowing they also enjoy cooking (if time permits), the decision fell onto an engraved cutting board … Read more

A miniature for every week of 2022

I really do enjoy painting miniatures, be it for Warhammer, DnD or just for personalised gifts. It also ties nicely into my other interests of DIY and 3D printing and more or less naturally ties into it. However, I make the time for it way too seldomly. To explore this interest further, I plan to … Read more

Bella Italia

An image of an PhD hat.

Tim2021-12-06 Table of contents The Microscope The Western Blot Chamber The Coffee Pot 3D printing Electronics Code One of the best things about doing a PhD in Germany (imho) is the tradition, that your research group makes some form of graduation hat for you. You are “awarded” this hat after your successful defense and can … Read more