My DnD 5e homerules

Here I’m collecting homebrew rules that I think add value to my campaign. Buddy Cop A PC within 5 ft of another PC can, upon consent, use 5 ft of their movement to declare a “Buddy Cop” situation, going back to back with the other character. Both PCs now take up the same square, share … Read more

Random weird magic weapons

Refresh page to get another 10 weapons with a 9 % chance for them to have one slightly magic effect and 1 % to have two. Name Class Description Type Price Javelin Weapon (Javelin) NONE Non-magic 5 SP Glaive Weapon (Glaive) NONE Non-magic 20 GP Nunchaku Weapon (Club) NONE Non-magic 1 SP Blade Weapon (Rapier) … Read more

Random DnD names based on plants

Refresh page to get another 10 names. Latin English German Hyssopus officinalis L. Hyssop Ysop Pistacia terebinthus L. Terpentine-tree Terpentin Pistacie Silena vulgaris Garcke (S. inflata Sm.) Bladder Campion Leimkraut Crepis setosa Hal. F. Bristly Hawk`s-beard Borsten Pippau Myroxylon balsamum (L.) Harms Perubalsam Balmtree Perubalsambaum Scrophularia nodosa L. Figwort Knotige Braunwurz Tagetes erecta L. Aztek … Read more


How to extract Each poison has a certain DC that decides whether it works or not. To extract a poison, the character has to have a Poisoner’s kit and spend a number of minutes equal to the poison’s DC uninterruptedly extracting it. The character has to pass a Nature check against the poison’s DC to … Read more

Learning and Teaching

This article describes my homebrew system for learning and teaching skills (weapons/tools/etc) or languages (including Druidic and Thief’s cant). I assume that the player has a source of knowledge, either another being that is proficient in that skill or a scripture containing the relevant knowledge. Since I don’t like the system from XGtE (p. 134), … Read more